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ATH reorganizes in preparation for next chapter

Over the past two years, After the Harvest has responded to the moment in the face of the pandemic. As we look ahead, the ATH team is looking to capitalize on a variety of opportunities to better serve Kansas City-area residents experiencing food insecurity.

In the last two years, we discovered how to serve amazing fresh produce in ways we before only dared to dream. In fact, while maintaining our robust Truckloads Program, our Gleaning Program expanded into a Gleaning Program and a full blown Produce Rescue Program.

After the Harvest continues to build its partnership with Douglas County, Kansas as the municipality develops its gleaning program. In that program, we have the privilege of working with Jamie Hofling. 

The ATH team also welcomed new faces this year as other dear co-workers moved on to other opportunities. We wish our former teammates the very best and know that their hearts are still with the desire to make sure that our food insecure neighbors have the chance to eat healthy food. Our small but mighty staff now consists of:

Our team is hard at work researching and developing new strategies to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables to hungry people in more equitable, efficient, and sustainable ways. We recognize our challenges, and we know the stakes are high. Our team is excited to face 2022 with full confidence that we will be successful.

So, that means we need you — our volunteer heroes — now more than ever. Do you love getting out in the field, gathering food? Have you experienced the warm glow that comes from driving boxes of fresh produce to a food pantry and seeing the delight in the eyes of the person receiving it? Do you believe so strongly in our mission that you’d consider becoming an ambassador for ATH?

Perhaps you would like to do some remote office work for us. We have a whole wish list of tasks ranging from data entry, writing thank you letters to photojournalism and social media blogger. Maybe your inner party planner is never satisfied and you would like to help us plan fundraising events. Contact Jane ( and we will find a meaningful way for to put your skills to work.