JANE FLETCHER, Director of Administration

Jane is the Director of Administration at After the Harvest. She has her fingers in all things in the back office keeping the wheels turning and keeping track of the rest of the staff. She began in March, 2017 and LOVES the mission for the many ways ATH fills needs in the Greater Kansas City area: relieving food insecurity, respecting the hard work and dedication of farmers to supply our food by reducing their food loss and improving the climate impact for her grandchildren and beyond by keeping food waste out of the landfill.  Favorite fruit is watermelon and her favorite vegetables are summer tomatoes. Both should be eaten outside on a picnic table on a sunny, but-not-too-hot day. When not involved in caregiving for her various family members, she and her husband just purchased a home at Lake Perry. So she spends as many weekends as possible watching the sunrise on the lake shore. 

Best vegetable jokes:

How do you fix a broken tomato?
Tomato paste! OR What is corn on the cob’s favorite song?  Amaizing Grace