Greetings, Food Heroes of Kansas City!

We are delighted to share some exciting news: After the Harvest’s 2023 Amaizing Sweet Corn Glean-A-Thon is underway, and we’re already well on our way toward achieving our mission of fighting food insecurity in Kansas City. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new webpage where you can track the progress updates of this fantastic initiative!

Our goal is to collect and donate a whopping 50,000 ears of sweet corn to support agencies combating food insecurity in our community. We understand the importance of nutritious and wholesome food, and we’re working tirelessly to ensure that families facing hardship can enjoy the fresh and delicious taste of sweet corn on their plates.

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Cheers to 9 years fighting food insecurity, reducing waste and improving nutrition

Follow our sweet corn’s amaizing journey from farm to food bank

Less than a month until our Amaizing Sweet Corn Gleanathon kicks off!

Feast on grilled sweet corn to the sound of live music at our Sweet Corn Festival!

Help us glean leftover produce from local farms and orchards this summer!
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With so many ways to give, glean, gather, grow and get involved, we can’t wait to welcome you to After the Harvest. Take your pick.


It doesn’t take much to do a lot. The time is now: Feeding America estimates that 43 million people in the U.S. didn’t have enough food in 2021 (pre-pandemic–35 million). The crisis of food insecurity in our region due to the pandemic is far from over.

One single dollar can provide more than eight pounds of produce. Every dollar supports gleaning and helps us bring in semi-truckloads of fresh produce that might otherwise be thrown away. Give today.


From families and groups, to individuals, organizations and corporations, After the Harvest volunteers of all ages glean, manage events, fundraise and even represent us as Yambassadors. Find out how you can help.


It’s a simple mission, yet our impact is powerful. We fight hunger and improve nutrition with fresh produce that not only fills the belly, but also nourishes the body. All while reducing food waste.