From hungry to healthy

Hope is in your hands

Fresh fruits and vegetables are going to waste. There are thousands of hungry people in the Greater Kansas City area in need of nourishing, healthy food. Enter After the Harvest. 

We work to reduce waste, rescuing produce so it ends up on hungry families’ tables, instead of in a landfill or rotting in the field. But, we don’t do it alone. Thanks to thousands of volunteers, growers and financial donors, After the Harvest, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,  brings apples, berries, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, peaches and many other kinds of healthy fruits and vegetables, completely free of charge, to agencies feeding our hungry neighbors.

We can do more. You hold the power right in your own two hands. Here’s how all of us, working together, can continue to rescue millions of pounds of healthy food for hungry people… 


Glean after the harvest, picking what’s left in farmers’ fields and orchards so nothing goes to waste.


Pick up already harvested leftover produce from farmers markets, farm stands and other locations.


Procure semi-truckloads of produce no longer destined for stores, usually due to slight imperfections.

On October 24, scoot your boots to your living room for a virtual night of all-local fun! Can’t attend? You can still support us.

2020 Volunteer Calendar gleaning, market pick-up sign-up dates are up and live. Sign up now for May to November.

Read our most recent news alert. We are masking up, distancing and rescuing healthy food for hungry people every day.

We are proud to be a part of our country’s gleaning movement. After the Harvest recently featured in the New York Times. 

Listen to the nationwide “Here and Now” broadcast via local KCUR about ATH, our volunteers and those we help. 

ATH, supporters have stepped up to help our hungry neighbors. An update on our efforts during the pandemic.

Pick or pick up produce for your agency feeding hungry people. Join forces with After the Harvest!

Growers, we’ll harvest or pick up your excess produce and deliver it to those in need. Growing for good.

Come help make a difference in our neighbors’ lives. Small businesses to large corporations team build at gleanings. 

Fresh produce fights diet-driven illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure


With so many ways to give, glean, gather, grow and get involved, we can’t wait to welcome you to After the Harvest. Take your pick.


It doesn’t take much to do a lot. Your help is especially needed when so many are in need during this pandemic. One single dollar can provide more than eight pounds of produce. Every dollar supports gleaning and helps us bring in semi-truckloads of fresh produce that might otherwise be thrown away. Give today.


From families and groups, to individuals, organizations and corporations, After the Harvest volunteers glean, drive, manage events, fundraise and even represent us as Yambassadors. Find out how you can help.


It’s a simple mission, yet our impact is powerful. We fight hunger and improve nutrition with fresh produce that not only fills the belly, but also nourishes the body. All while reducing food waste.