Clay Jarratt and Turnips

CLAY JARRATT, Gleaning Logistics Coordinator

Since After the Harvest’s inception in 2014, Clay has volunteered regularly as a field supervisor and produce rescue driver, as well as a member of the VEG Squad. In 2020, after more than 15 years working for a software development company, Clay took the leap into something more near and dear to his heart and joined the staff of ATH as a part-time Gleaning Coordinator. As of 2021, with the addition of our refrigerated storage space and expansion of the Gleaning Program, Clay has transitioned into a full-time role as Gleaning Logistics Coordinator.

He was hooked on ATH’s mission from the first time he volunteered. “It was amazing to see the generosity of farmers donating fresh, healthy food, and as a volunteer, being able to deliver that produce directly from the field to pantries and kitchens,” Clay said. “So many people in our community are food insecure, and with the current pandemic, getting healthy food to hungry people is more important than ever.”

Outside of gleaning, Clay has many hobbies including making pottery, beekeeping and anything that keeps him outdoors including camping, kayaking, cycling and hiking.