Gratitude in Bloom: Recognizing ATH’s Volunteers of 2023

After the Harvest is humbled to recognize the tireless efforts and generosity of so many volunteers and supporters helping us to provide fresh, healthy produce to those in need in our community!

Your support in 2023 has allowed us to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of individuals and families who may not have access to nutritious food otherwise. Thanks to you, we have been able to rescue about 2.5 million pounds of produce this year, preventing this abundance of healthy food from going to waste and instead distributing it to food pantries, soup kitchens, and other organizations that serve those in need. We are so grateful for your contributions and look forward to continuing to work together to make a positive difference in our community.

Now without further ado, presenting the winners of ATH’s 2023 Volunteer Awards!

Doug Liljegren

Mitzvah Garden

Norm & Edith VanBooven

The McCoy Family

Melanie, Edward, Max and Eli

W.T. Bolen
Alex Greenwood
Sherry Lumpkins

Alyssa Prasil
Russ Weathers
Ralph & Bonnie Santoro

National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
Bayer CropScience

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
People Partners Foundation
Country Club Bank
Cargill, Inc.

Jane Alley
Curtis Bock
Mike Boehler
Leslie Bullington
Erica Chalender
Vicki Evans

Tom Guba
Mark Heisey
Abbey Horsman
Edward McCoy
Steve Mitts
Parul Nguyen
Laura Pogue

Kenneth Stanton
Loxie Stock
Jen Talley
Ginny Varraveto
Robin Wall
Joel Waxman

Andrea Babbit
Judith Bridges
Randall & Penny Burdge
Suzanne Conaway
Mary Dees
Julie Elwell
Jane Fletcher
Cassandra Ford
Bernadette Graves
Lauren Guinta

Charles Hicks
Kathy Jantsch
Jyothi Kanakamedala
Tarah Kruger
Katherine Lueckert
Sherry Lumpkins
Christina Martin
Michelle Marturano
Ellen Merrill
Lori Mitts

Adrienne Moore-Baxter
Marcy Nelson
Lisa Ousley
Alyssa Prasil
Sue Rogers
Connie Savage
Bradford Warner
Timothy Wentz
Dale Woodford
Kristi Wyatt

Barb & Tom Decker
Carole Vogler & Gary Vivian
David Earls
Douglas Liljegren

Ed & Sandi Fried
Ella Pfannes
Melanie & Edward McCoy
Randy & Penny Burdge

Robert Franks
Sally Luck
Susan Vogel
Vickie & Charlie Harris

Randy Burdge
Bradford Warner
Mary Dees
Alyssa Prasil
Emily Akins

W.T. Bolen
Deanna Diebolt
Alex Greenwood
Vickie Harris

Sherry Lumpkins
Christina Martin
Matt Merrill
Ralph Santoro
Russ Weathers