Produce with Purpose: ATH, Kanbe’s collab supports Gladstone Elementary

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Produce with Purpose: ATH, Kanbe's Markets collab supports Gladstone Elementary

NOVEMBER 2, 2023

Carole Jo Bradley, Lisa Ousley, and Randy Burdge assemble assorted produce into ATH’s new eco-friendly packaging for distribution at Gladstone Elementary School’s 2023 Fall Festival.

Last week, ATH had the privilege of participating in the annual Fall Festival at Gladstone Elementary School. This heartwarming event brought together families, students, and local organizations to celebrate the spirit of giving and community. ATH’s role at the festival was to provide fresh, nutritious produce to families in need. With up to 200 families expected at the Fall Festival, it was a day filled with teamwork and compassion.

Preparation for the event began on October 31st, as ATH and Kanbe’s Markets staff and volunteers gathered to assemble produce boxes. These boxes were brimming with a variety of delectable fruits and vegetables, including sweet potatoes harvested from St. Isidore’s Garden and Arkansas Black apples from Bedrock Aqua Farms, alongside an assortment of berries, pineapples, peppers, sweet corn, onions, and more. In total, ATH and Kanbe’s Markets packed an impressive 225 boxes of produce totaling more than 3,500 pounds, with the dedication to ensure that every last box found its way to individuals and families who needed it most.

The Fall Festival also served as the perfect occasion to unveil ATH’s newest produce boxes. These sleek, user-friendly containers proudly bear ATH’s branding and contact information, complete with a convenient QR code. 

These boxes are the result of a commitment to eco-friendly packaging initiated last year as part of our 

Impact Gift Catalog. Furthermore, they present valuable opportunities for sponsorship and co-branding, allowing businesses and individuals to contribute to ATH’s mission in a tangible way.

During the event, staff at ATH were moved as they overheard multiple languages being spoken. It was a reminder that the joy of receiving fresh, healthy produce is universal, transcending language barriers. The association of this universal joy with ATH’s visual logo has become a powerful symbol of our commitment to serving the diverse needs of our community.

ATH’s participation at Gladstone Elementary School’s Fall Festival was a testament to the organization’s commitment to providing fresh, healthy food to those who need it. We want to thank Kanbe’s Markets for being an invaluable partner as we look forward to continued collaborations to help us further our mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger. ATH’s partnership with Kanbe’s and Gladstone Elementary shows that when organizations join forces, they work in harmony to make a positive impact that reaches far and wide.