Meet Minnie O’Grady, ATH’s Fresh Driving Force

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Meet Minnie O'Grady, ATH's new driving force

NOVEMBER 7, 2023

Meet Minnie O’Grady, the newest addition at ATH taking on the crucial role of dedicated truck driver. Her journey is marked by a deep passion for rescuing and redistributing food to those in need, stemming from her background in nutrition and previous work with organizations like Harvesters. Minnie’s initial connection with ATH began in 2019 as a Gleaning Coordinator, driven by her commitment to making nutritious meals accessible to everyone. Before her tenure with ATH, Minnie held a position at Harvesters, a prominent food bank.

Recognizing the need for a change in her career path, Minnie decided to transition to a part-time role as our Truck Driver. In this capacity, she will be responsible for driving our 22-foot refrigerated truck from Monday through Friday, picking up rescued food from local produce brokers and delivering it to our pantry partners. Her role is instrumental in bridging the gap between surplus food and food insecurity, ensuring no edible produce goes to waste while nourishing our community.

Minnie O’Grady

Minnie’s expertise in nutrition and unwavering passion positions her as a valuable asset, and her work is sure to make a significant impact in helping surplus produce reach those in need. We eagerly anticipate the positive changes Minnie will bring to ATH and the communities we serve. Welcome aboard, Minnie!