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ATH Outcomes Study: “Measuring our impact to make a difference”

After the Harvest recently commissioned an outcomes study, to demonstrate accountability and transparency in accomplishing our mission: to rescue healthy food for hungry people. Food agency clientele, food agency personnel, farmers, gleaning volunteers and internal and external stakeholders were interviewed by a team from the University of Kansas Medical Center, directed by Dr. Cheryl Gibson, PhD. The project was made possible through funding from the Hall Family Foundation.

At luncheons on April 18 and June 19, 2019, the study was presented to stakeholders and others interested in how our organization is fighting hunger, improving nutrition in our poorest populations and reducing food waste.

Many attendees took the opportunity to be tested on the Veggie Meter, provided by the University of Kansas Medical Center and also used in the study, to determine skin carotenoid status (carotenoids are compounds found in fruits and vegetables, such as beta carotene in carrots). Tracking changes in these compounds in the body is considered the best way to measure fruit and vegetable intake.

We invite you to read the Executive Summary of the 122-page study: ATH Outcomes Study 2018.