Healthy Harvest Heroes

Hope & healthy food on the table each month

After the Harvest’s Healthy Harvest Heroes is a get-it-done, passionate group who give monthly to make sure our hungry neighbors don’t have to fill their bellies with cheap, processed foods. They ensure that nutritious fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste get to those who need them most.

Good health starts at the table
There’s no denying that. You can be a part of the movement that helps rescue the healthiest food for hungry families, children and seniors battling diabetes, high-blood pressure and obesity as these diet-driven illnesses skyrocket in our poorest communities. Help ATH with monthly giving, which provides reliable income that we can count on so that we can continue rescuing healthy food for hungry people today, while planning for the future as well.

A simple solution: No more waste
And what better way to provide this produce to low-income Kansas Citians than rescuing perfectly good food that may end up in landfills or rot in farmers’ fields?

Hats off to Healthy Harvest Heroes Now through June, become a founding member of Healthy Harvest Heroes by giving a monthly gift. Receive a seriously stylish ATH hat inscribed with “Healthy Harvest Hero”, a special certificate and recognition on the ATH website and social media to encourage others to join the movement. You can be an inspiration to others to help.

Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the estimated value of the benefits received is not substantial. Therefore, the full amount of your payment is a deductible contribution.

Founding members of Healthy Harvest Heroes

You’re our heroes!

Christina Martin

Sandy Vivian

Julie Elwell

Brianne Bustamante

Adrianne Moore Baxter

Jim Merrill

Mary Dees

Lisa Ousley

John Shehane

Jane Fletcher

Kristi Wyatt

Katherine Leuckert

Tamara Kastanas

Suzanne Conaway

David Earls

Kathy Jantsch

Beverly McFee

Steve and Lori Mitts

Bernadette Graves

Tom and Barb Decker