Tom and Andrea Guetterman: Growing for Good

2022 Amaizing Sweet Corn Glean-A-Thon & Festival

Tom and Andrea Guetterman: Growing for Good

As one of the gracious produce donors for the 2022 Amaizing Sweet Corn Glean-A-Thon & Festival, Tom and Andrea Guetterman are committed to nourishing their community

Andrea and Tom Guetterman have been farming for nearly 30 years just outside of Bucyrus, Kansas. They raise soybeans, wheat and field corn along with sweet corn, of which they usually grow a smaller patch for themselves and their community. 

They also raised five children, and picking sweet corn has been a family activity that they shared with their church and community. The Guettermans started working with After the Harvest in 2014 – the year we started the organization. Andrea said they were glad to work with us because they had always wanted to share their extras with others, but were limited in how much they could share by the help they received in picking and distributing it. When we asked them to grow sweet corn for our Glean-a-Thon this year, they said yes right away. 

“We’ve been blessed,” Andrea said, “and we want to share with others. And also, the Glean-a-Thon is a fun way to get a lot of people involved in helping others. It gives us a chance to share values – share the passion – with others.”

Depending on the weather, Andrea and Tom are hopeful for a good crop of sweet corn this year. (“Pray for rain!”) As for the important role farmers play in the ability of our community to provide nourishing food for every citizen, Andrea said, “It’s important that everyone has what they need to thrive, and we are glad to be a part of that effort.