St. Isidore’s Garden wins 2021 Silver Spade Award from ATH


St. Isidore's Garden earns Silver Spade Award from ATH

MAY 10, 2022

St. Isadore’s Garden received ATH’s coveted Silver Spade for Grower of the Year in December 2021. Lisa Ousley, ATH’s Executive Director, was on hand to present the award to Norm Vanbooven at the Northland Neighborhood event on April 5.

“Norm spoke briefly at the event and then yielded the rest of his time at the microphone to me to share more about After the Harvest and the partnership we’ve enjoyed with Norm and his group of passionate gardeners. The fine folks at St. Isidore’s Garden have come together to feed hungry people in their Northland community with the fruits (and veggies) of their labor,” Ousley said. “Thank you, Norm, for all you do to address hunger and nutrition issues in your community.”