Share the Abundance | Impact Gift Catalog – Improving Nutrition Edition

Food insecurity is more than feeling hungry. Even when food is available, it often doesn’t include the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, which are key to a healthy diet. Consuming fresh produce helps prevent deadly chronic diseases and contributes to overall health and wellness. After the Harvest is improving the way our hungry neighbors are able to feed their families with the fresh, nutritious produce they need.

Hunger looks different in America than it does in third-world countries. People experiencing food insecurity in the United States deal with different issues that are nonetheless very real. With easy access to cheap foods lacking nutritional value, what we see is malnutrition and many diet-driven illnesses among those who cannot afford to eat nutritious food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The lack of nutritious food has real health consequences, not the least of which is obesity.

According to a regional 2021 report conducted by Harvesters of people served by agencies in Harvesters’ service area:

  • 38% of all households have a member with diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • 55% have a member with high blood pressure
  • 46% have a member with high cholesterol
  • 47% have a member without health insurance of any kind

Improving nutrition is critical for these families, children and seniors living in poverty. They need our help more than ever, especially now, with inflation spiraling out of control and food prices continuing to climb.

Impact Gifts to Improve Nutrition

See all the ways your donation to After the Harvest helps us improve nutrition in our community. Select one or more impact gifts from our catalog below. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a donation badge you can share on social media. 

Help us expand to serve more agencies in Kansas City's food deserts

Help us provide produce to food pantries, soup kitchens, and other agencies located in Kansas City's food deserts
Your donation to After the Harvest will be used to where it is most urgently needed to bring about the greatest impact.

Help us combat 'Hidden Hunger' and diet-driven health issues in our community

Your gift expands our ability to provide education, resources, and solutions to people struggling with diet-driven illnesses, malnutrition, undernutrition, hidden hunger, and other often invisible health challenges.
Your donation to After the Harvest will be used to where it is most urgently needed to bring about the greatest impact.