Celebrating the Power of Compassion and Culinary Talent: Meeting Khela Brewer

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Celebrating the Power of Compassion and Culinary Talent: Meeting Khela Brewer

AUGUST 18, 2023

At After the Harvest, we are constantly amazed by the incredible individuals who join us in the fight against food insecurity and food waste. Today, we want to share a heartwarming story about meeting one such inspiring individual, Khela Brewer, a contestant on PBS’ newest season of The Great American Recipe.

This summer, Khela extended a warm invitation to ATH to attend her season premiere watch party. As the Marketing and Communications Director for ATH, I had the privilege of representing our organization at the event. The excitement in the air was palpable, as we anticipated a delightful evening filled with amazing food and the chance to celebrate Khela’s culinary talents.

Khela’s kindness and generosity were on full display at the watch party. Not only did she cook and serve a delectable array of dishes to her group of supporters, but she also selflessly chose to donate all the proceeds from the event to After the Harvest. We were deeply moved by Khela’s commitment to our cause and her willingness to contribute in such a meaningful way.

As we mingled with Khela’s friends, family, and fellow supporters, it was evident that she had touched many lives with her vibrant personality and exceptional cooking skills. As ATH staff, we are immensely proud to cheer Khela on throughout her journey on The Great American Recipe. Her talent, dedication, and big-heartedness make her a true inspiration to us and the wider community.

During our conversations at the watch party, it became clear that Khela shares our passion for making a positive impact on food insecurity and waste reduction. We discussed the importance of gleaning, a process where volunteers collect leftover produce from farms and gardens, and Khela expressed her desire to contribute firsthand. We are thrilled to announce that Khela and her friends and family have pledged to volunteer with us soon, joining our efforts to rescue surplus produce and distribute it to those in need.

Meeting Khela Brewer was a true privilege for the team at After the Harvest. Her genuine compassion, culinary talent, and unwavering support for our mission have left an indelible mark on our organization and the fight against food insecurity in Kansas City. We are incredibly grateful for her generous donation and eagerly anticipate her future involvement as a volunteer gleaning alongside us.

As we continue our work at ATH, we are inspired by individuals like Khela who use their platform to bring attention to critical issues and effect meaningful change. Together, we can make a difference, one rescued produce at a time, and build a brighter future for our community.

Learn more about Khela’s story and watch her compete on the Great American Recipe on PBS here.

Khela's Kitchen Chronicles

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Chicken Spiedini with Amogio

Steak & Mushrooms over Egg Noodles

Garlicky Shrimp with
Spinach and Rice Pilaf

Baby Back Ribs with
Cheesy Corn and Slaw