kindness will win

Be kind in September: National Hunger Action Month

From After the Harvest Executive Director Lisa Ousley:
More and more in today’s society, compassion—helping others on the most basic human level—seems to have become a dirty word. And mean-spiritedness seems to be spreading like wildfire with no water in sight.

Well, I don’t accept the premise that “mean” is okay. I choose to fight back because, at the end of the day, I believe that caring will win out. My compassion will win. Your kindness will win. And our belief in what’s right and good will change the world.

In our little corner of the planet right now, you have a chance to move the needle towards kindness and make a difference in Greater Kansas City. During September, National Hunger Action Month, join our band of believers and do the kind thing. Help After the Harvest rescue more healthy produce for our hungry neighbors.

Let’s look at the facts: People are going hungry. People need healthy food. Healthy food is going to waste.

There’s something wrong with this picture, folks. But with your help, After the Harvest can continue to glean leftover fruits and vegetables in growers’ fields, pick up the extra from farmers markets and bring in semi-truckloads of donated produce that might otherwise end up in landfills—simply because it’s not the right size or shape.

You can have a great impact on the lives of the poorest among us and those who have fallen on hard times. Every day, there is a new study pointing to the benefits of a healthy diet. And every day, another family struggles to put basic food on the table, let alone pears, greens and beans that could help them turn the tide to good health.

Will you do a simple act of kindness and donate today? Every dollar you give, provides 33 servings of fruits and vegetables to hungry families, seniors and children. Become a Healthy Harvest Hero and give monthly to help even more.

Get tickets to our Berries & Bubbly Brunch Sept. 22 or donate now as National Hunger Action Month approaches.

In the big push-pull of our world, compassion, caring and kindness wins every time. Thank you for taking a stand and believing in doing good for those in need.