2020 Silver Spade Awards Donor of the Year

After the Harvest’s 2020 Silver Spade Awards

Welcome! Please join us for our Silver Spade Awards virtual event. We’re sorry that we can’t all gather as usual for our annual Holiday Thank You Party, but for this challenging year, we’re going virtual because we couldn’t miss the chance to thank our wonderful volunteers and other supporters. You helped provide healthy food for hungry people in 2020, when so many needed you more than ever.

This year, we’re recognizing the following supporters who brought their time, talent and treasure to After the Harvest:

Silver Spade Award–Cream of the Crop
Operation Breakthrough
Gieringers Family Orchard & Berry Farm
Mark Friend
Destiny Lindquist
Bryson’s Farm Fresh Produce

Grower of the Year
Cider Hill Family Orchard

Donor of the Year
The Sunderland Foundation

Corporate Partner of the Year
Cargill, Inc.

COVID-19 Response Award
Voights Greenhouses and Fresh Produce
Tom and Barb Decker
Randy and Penny Burdge
Paster WT Bolen and team

Volunteer of the Year
David Earls

Hero Award
Christina Martin

VEG Squad–First Season
Emily Ward
Stephen Marian
Janet Parks
Jean Schmitt Ormazo
Joy Gipple
Wick Thomas
Martha Becker
Robin Wall
Toni Moorman
Frank Parks
Jay Moorman
Sally Neville
Curtis Bock
Beth Welsh

VEG Squad–Second Season
Susan Brown
Jan Arnold

VEG Squad–Third Season
Laura Pogue
Joel Waxman

VEG Squad–Fourth Season
Loxie Stock
Bernadette Graves

Veg Squad–Fifth Season
Randall Burdge
Suzy Conaway
Mary Dees
Tom Decker
Barb Decker
Jeff Horn

Produce Rescue Drivers–First Season
Cindy Faulknier
Curtis Bock
David Earls
Elena Khoury
Ben Johnson
Emily Libla
Jeanne Goodin
Kelly Mason
Larissa Collier
Linda Prather
Linda Zemke
Maggie Horigan
Mark Friend
Nicole Hastings
Robin Olson
Nora Utech

Produce Rescue Drivers–Second Season
Chely Scarbrough
Conie Walden
Marsha Toler
Rebecca Ommen
Lara Espinoza
Randall Burdge
Tom Decker
Barb Decker
Jeff Horn
Suzy Conaway
Bill Conaway
Joel Waxman

Produce Rescue Drivers–Third Season
Katrina Taggart

VEG Squad and Produce Rescue Drivers
Tom Decker
Barb Decker
Randy Burdge
Suzy Conaway
Curtis Bock
Jeff Horn
Joel Waxman