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Urban Produce Push is ATH’s vision to ensure that every corner of Kansas City has access to an abundance of healthy, nourishing fruits and vegetables. Through UPP, ATH is taking action to address communities struggling most with food insecurity. In these areas, there is a significant lack of resources such as quality grocery stores, community gardens, and access to fresh produce. With your help, our goal is to bridge these gaps and create a more balanced food landscape by providing support where it’s needed most urgently. 

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66101 Pantries/Agencies:


66101 Grocery Stores:


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UPP-Ward Bound: The History of 66101

The history of zip code 66101 is woven into the very fabric of Kansas City’s past. From the West Bottoms to the Central Industrial District and Strawberry Hill , this area has been a witness to the city’s evolution over the years. Its diverse and culturally rich population offers a vibrant tapestry of cultures and backgrounds that contributes to the area’s unique identity. 

Despite its rich history, this zip code faces significant challenges, including food insecurity. The statistics tell a story of economic hardship and limited opportunities:

  • A median home value of $51,000 reflects the economic challenges faced by residents, who earn an average income of $22,753. Many homes in this area date back to 1931 or earlier, symbolizing a long and storied history, and the area’s average monthly rent for a studio apartment is a modest $350.
  • A significant percentage of households (61%) are without children, emphasizing the need for support for families and individuals alike.
  • Employment statistics show that 29% work full-time, 34% work part-time, while a staggering 37% are unemployed. Educational attainment remains a challenge, with 38% of adults lacking a high school diploma.

Our mission at ATH is to uplift communities like Strawberry Hill by rescuing fresh fruits and vegetables from going to waste and providing them to those in need. We invite you to join us in supporting Strawberry Hill in their journey towards greater food security and economic stability. 


Team UPP with 66101: Here's how you can help!

  • Volunteer Your Time: Join us in gleaning farms and fields, rescuing fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste. Your hands-on help can directly nourish families in need.
  • Become a Monthly Donor: Your consistent support ensures that we can sustain our efforts, year-round. Even a small monthly contribution goes a long way in the fight against food insecurity.
  • Rally Your Organization: Encourage your workplace or organization to become ATH sponsors and/or volunteers. Together, we can create a ripple effect of change, impacting entire communities.
  • Grow for Us: If you have a green thumb, consider growing fruits and vegetables for After the Harvest. Your garden can be a source of fresh, nutritious produce for those who need it most.
  • Adopt a Zip Code: Choose a community that speaks to your heart and adopt a zip code. Your support will help us lower food insecurity rates, empower local growers, and provide essential nourishment to residents. To get started, contact:

Jane FletcherJane Fletcher
ATH Director of Administration
(816) 921-1903 ext. 104



66101 Food Banks & Agencies

  • Bethel Neighborhood Center
    14 S. 7th St
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Metro Lutheran Ministry
    722 Reynolds Ave.
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Avenue of Life
    500 N. 7th St. Trfwy
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Greater Pentecostal Temple-Food & Clothing Closet
    300 N. 9th St
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • NBC Community Development Corp. Food Pantry
    745 Walker Ave.
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Saint Peter Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
    1419 N. 8th St
    Kansas City KS 66101


66101 Community Gardens

  • Northrup Park Community Garden
    10th & Grandview Blvd.
    Kansas City KS 66101
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66101 Grocery Stores

  • The Merc Co+op
    501 Minnesota Ave.
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Frontera’s Supermarket
    761 Central Ave.
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • La Tienda Market
    350 N. 7th St. Trfwy
    Kansas City KS 66101
  • Stop N Go
    954 State Ave.
    Kansas City KS 66101

Is there a valuable community resource missing from this list? Let us know! Email info@aftertheharvestkc.org.