CATHERINE STARK-CORN, Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator 

I serve part time as the Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator.  In this role I seek to share the important work of ATH with the community inviting people into hands-on service, where volunteers can learn about ways to rescue healthy food and help us get it to hungry people. I joined the ATH team in November 2023 serving as an interim and moved into the role permanently in January 2024.

I am passionate about the work of reducing food waste and getting healthy fresh produce to people in our community. Bringing volunteers to glean, to learn about the high level of food waste and the increasing need for access to fresh food helps increase advocacy for the critical work of After the Harvest.

I enjoy reading, particularly historical fiction, and working in my yard where I have numerous gardens featuring native plants with plans to convert more sections of my yard to native patches each year.

One of my favorite fresh produce is peaches in season — pure joy – from sliced to peach cobbler to grilled these are an annual treat not to be missed.

One of my kids favorite jokes while growing up gives a nod to our last name….

Q: What did the baby corn say to its mom?
A: Where is Pop corn?