From Karin Page:  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and here is my contribution to the wearin’ of the green…and the growin’ of the green!

If you want to transform your ground into beautiful, rich soil, read this very well-written interview with soil biologist Dr. Christine Jones from Acres U.S.A magazine.

When soil is healthy and alive, your plants will be able to withstand pests, will photosynthesize at higher rates, have a higher BRIX (nutrient) content and will be able to sequester more CO2. When soil is alive and well, the plants get everything they need from it through the symbiotic relationships with the fungi and bacteria that live in the soil.

You don’t need to spray the plants with any chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers – in fact you shouldn’t. I’d love to get some feedback on the article!