[fusion_text]Volunteer with After the Harvest Questions? Contact Mariah Friend, Volunteer Coordinator, at 816-921-1903 or mariah@aftertheharvestkc.org. After the Harvest succeeds on volunteer power! Gleaning produce that would otherwise go to waste (volunteers pick what’s left in farmers’ fields after the harvest) and delivering it to food banks (like Harvesters), pantries, shelters and community kitchens is our number one volunteer activity, but we have a lot of other ways to get involved year-round, too. Gleaner Read the FAQs, scroll down to the Volunteer Calendar and sign up by clicking on scheduled gleaning dates in May-November.   Take a look at the ATH Gleaning FAQs. Then sign up as “Individuals and Families” or “Organization” for specific gleaning events on our Volunteer Calendar below. Note to organization leaders: If you’re projecting more volunteers than indicated, sign up anyway and we’ll contact you. We may be able to accommodate a larger number or a different date or time. Gleaning is just one way to help us provide healthy food to hungry people. For other opportunities to get involved sign up here.
[/fusion_text][fusion_tabs design=”classic” layout=”horizontal” justified=”yes” backgroundcolor=”” inactivecolor=”” bordercolor=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_tab title=”Volunteer Calendar” icon=””][/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”Event Listing” icon=””][/fusion_tab][fusion_tab title=”What to Expect” icon=””] After the Harvest Logo Welcome Gleaners! Thanks for your interest in signing up to rescue fresh, nutritious produce to feed hungry people. What to expect as you sign up to glean:
  • Sign up to glean via the Volunteer Calendar tab or the Event Listing.
  • If you see a gleaning event listing that says “produce gleaning,” instead of, say, “apple gleaning”, that means we’ll be gleaning, but don’t yet know what will be ready to harvest on which farm.
  • Our gleaning network manager will e-mail you near your gleaning week with the farm address, field supervisor contact info, produce to be gleaned and notice of delay or cancellation due to bad weather.
  • Sign up as: “Individuals and Families” or “Organization” (office, scouts, school, etc.), and fill in the projected number of gleaners and ages.
  • If you’re signing up an organization, indicate name, description and where the group will be travelling from on gleaning day. Note to leaders: We may be able to accommodate a larger number of volunteers than indicated or a different date and time.
  • Tell us via your signup if you can help deliver gleaned produce to food banks or pantries.
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