Share the Abundance | Introducing ATH’s Impact Gift Catalog

Dear Friend,

The 2022 Gleaning Season is winding down for After the Harvest. We’re picking turnips and winter squash right now, but the below-freezing temperatures will soon put an end to the  growing season in our region. Still, we look forward to sharing the bounty of produce that we get through our produce distribution hub pickups and truckloads program throughout the year.

Sharing the bounty is most important to us. We know there are families in our community who don’t have the nourishing food they need to live healthy lives. And we know how to get it to them, working with agency partners throughout the metro area.

Inflation and climbing food costs hurt the people we serve most deeply. Many are already living on the edge – struggling to put food on the table. A flat tire can be devastating. Missing a day’s work might be the difference between eating dinner or doing without.

Inflation and high food costs have affected the nonprofit food system as well, limiting what we are able to provide. We need your support in order to help struggling families, children and seniors in our community access the fresh produce they need to be healthy.

Won’t you please help us share the bounty with our neighbors in need this holiday season?


Lisa Ousley
Executive Director
After the Harvest KC