Pearl Family Farm: A Story of Generosity, Resilience, and Community

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Pearl Family Farm: A Story of Generosity, Resilience, and Community

FEB 8, 2023


After the Harvest is proud to partner with Pearl Family Farm, a black-owned farm located in Parkville, Mo. Led by Michael Pearl and his wife Margarita, the Pearl Family Farm is an incredible example of resilience and strength in the Black community. Michael’s great grandfather purchased the farmland upon his release from slavery, making it a powerful symbol for the perseverance of his family.

The Pearl Family Farm has a rich history that began with Milton Pearl, who was born into slavery in Kentucky. He was brought to Platte County, Mo., to work on the Paxton plantation and eventually, after being freed, changed his name from Paxton to Pearl. His son David Pearl was born a slave in 1852 and was freed. David worked hard and saved enough money to purchase 87 acres in 1890.

Michael Pearl of Pearl Family Farm in Parkville, Mo.

Since then, the Pearl Family Farm has been in the family for generations and has been passed down from father to son. Michael Pearl was raised on the farm and as a young man, he was trained to farm and developed an interest and passion in growing. The farm grows a variety of crops including soybeans, spinach, potatoes, cabbage, and more. Additionally, they raise hogs, cattle, and horses and lease an additional 1,000 acres in row crop ground.

The Pearl Family Farm is a great example of sustainable farming practices. The family is committed to providing healthy, fresh produce and products to their customers. They take pride in their farming practices and how they contribute to the environment. Michael Pearl and his team are dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Pearl Farm and its rich history for generations to come.

Since 2015, our partnership with Pearl Family Farm has enabled us to provide local food banks with fresh, healthy produce. We are honored to be able to support Michael and his family in their mission to provide quality food to their community.

This Black History Month, we celebrate the remarkable story of Pearl Family Farm, and are proud to recognize the incredible strength of Black farmers throughout the nation. We will continue to partner with Michael and the Pearl Family Farm in our mission to provide fresh, healthy food to the our community.

Learn more about the Pearl Family Farm by visiting its website, Facebook or Instagram.