Consider giving back on Giving Tuesday tomorrow

  • We have a day for giving thanks.
  • We have two for getting deals.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1 is day for giving back.

As you consider giving on Giving Tuesday, we ask that you put After the Harvest in your thoughts.

If you’d like to take action right now, here are some ways you may choose to give back with your time, energy or money (e-mail Sandy at if you’re interested in volunteer opportunities):

  • Vegetable Emergency Glean Squad (VEG Squad??)–Join the steering committee to help create an active group that meets on a regular basis and can glean weekday mornings together. Or let us know if you can be a part of this group.
  • Group gleaning–Reserve your date now for your organization to glean with us May-Nov. 2016.
  • Volunteer field supervisor–We’re revamping this program and would love for you to give your input and take part next year.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Picnic & Spring Glean Sign Up–Join the planning committee for this Spring event.
  • Harvest Happy Hour–Help with our annual fall fundraiser. Do you have experience in corporate funding, fundraising, event planning? Come aboard now!
  • Office help–Can you spare four hours a week to work in our office? Computer and/or phone skills needed for a variety of projects.
  • Donate to After the Harvest–Every dollar helps. A contribution of $500 provides more than 25,000 lbs., more than one million servings, of nutritious fruits and vegetables to people who are hungry.

It’s a sad but true fact: 52% of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. is wasted before it reaches the consumer.

From its inception in May, 2014 to the end of 2015, After the Harvest will have rescued more than 3.5 million lbs. of fresh produce for those in need.

  • Each month in the Kansas City area, as many as 141,500 different people seek emergency food assistance.
  • In our region, 25% of children under 18 are food insecure, and 20% of those hungry in our area are age 60 or older.
  • Food insecure children are more likely to experience: learning difficulties, poorer general health and one-third greater likelihood of a history of hospitalization.
  • The United Health Foundation, which has been ranking the overall health of states since 1990, recently named Kansas and Missouri among the seven states that have sunk the furthest on its list over the past 25 years, according to the Kansas City Star (1/3/2015).

From all of us here at
After the Harvest, thanks for
your help and support!