From Sandy Vivian, ATH Outreach and Communications Director: At After the Harvest, we love the incomparable beauty, the astounding hues and colors, of fresh fruits and vegetables. Walk into our office at 34th and Broadway and you’ll see big wall canvases splashed with undulating purple and white eggplant, rainbow chard, and heirloom tomatoes in shades of ruby red, gold and maroon (Emily and volunteers gleaned those last year). Who needs an interior designer when you have Mother Nature?

So, that brings us to this: After the Harvest is introducing a new logo, highlighting nature’s beauty, bounty and variety, which, well, what do you know!…perfectly describes the produce that we strive to provide every day to our neighbors in need.

After the Harvest Logo Verticle

The logo, designed by Muller Bressler Brown as a part a large pro bono project for ATH, features leaf and round shapes representing a multitude of multi-colored fruits and vegetables.

We like that the diamond-shaped logomark can be interpreted in different ways: some see it as a tree, viewed from above, some see it as more of a landscape garden, others only see individual fruits and veggies. People also start guessing as to the variety of produce represented: onions?, plums?, peaches?, tomatoes?, apples? This is what art should do: stir interest, provoke discussion and, perhaps, elicit a second look.

But in the end, we so appreciate the color and vibrancy that the new logo now brings to our website, social media pages and printed pieces. Bravo MBB and thank you for all of your time and patience in helping our organization enhance our visibility, enabling us to do more of what we do.