Sign up to glean next Thursday, then reserve your future 2017 ATH gleaning dates

Thursday, Mar. 16, 9 a.m.-noon – Gleaning spinach in KCK: It’s super early in the season, but there’s spinach to be rescued at a garden 15 min. southwest of Downtown Kansas City. We’re excited! Come join us for the first 2017 gleaning.

Usually Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday mornings from May to Nov.– Gleaning at a farm within 30-45 min. of Kansas City: Our scheduled gleanings are on our volunteer calendar now for 2017. Snag your gleaning date(s) today for your group, family or just you! Please consider signing up for weekday gleanings if you can.

Sign up now to glean with After the Harvest. Thank you for helping our hungry neighbors. Contact Mariah at or 816-921-1903 with questions.

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Mariah Friend: New ATH Volunteer Coordinator Congrats, Mariah! Joining ATH as a seasonal Gleaning Coordinator in May 2016, Mariah has now transitioned into a full-time position as our Volunteer Coordinator. She’ll take over the volunteer portion of Sandy Vivian’s duties as Sandy continues in her Communications Director role.