Kale in Marshall, Missour, Tuesday, July 1, 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 Noon – we need 10 volunteers and a field supervisor.

Hi Everyone,

We didn’t have anyone sign up for Saturday, so I’m trying for tomorrow to get kale. Jim Thomas, our dear farmer in Marshall, says he could use us once a week to pick crops. This is really a beautiful farm, he is so very generous (it’s not really gleaning) and the picking goes quickly. Plus we get the use of his bathroom, and we can sit under the trees and have a picnic afterwards. It will be cloudy and much cooler, my favorite gleaning day! Call Karin @ 816-853-4460 for address. I’d like to start at 9:00, but if you can’t come until later, just call when you arrive and I’ll come get you.

I also need a Field Supervisor for tomorrow, in case I am still under the weather – working at 3 farms on Thursday and then then trying to move a 10’x10’x4′ mulch pile on Saturday and Sunday, with a wheel barrow and bucket, did me in. It was the mold spores, too!

CALL or TEXT Karin Page at 816-853-4460 if you can help and I will send you directions and answer any questions you have.

Please forward this or post on facebook. We need volunteers.

Thank you so very, very much for helping feed people in need!


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