From John Hornbeck, After the Harvest Advisory Board member: 

I love to pick vegetables, but I am not a farmer. It doesn’t make what I’m doing when I gather produce any less enjoyable. I love the warm (sometimes) sunshine (sometimes) and the experience that I get from being close to nature. It also doesn’t make what I’m doing when I glean any less important. After all, the fresh produce we are gathering directly from the fields is providing more nutritious food for those in our communities who are most in need.

But I am not a gleaner. I am a marketer . . . a communicator . . . an advocate . . . a storyteller. And although I have been focused on the human services sector of the nonprofit world for a number of years, like most of the people who may be reading this, my skills were developed in the world of business.

So this is an invitation, from me to you – to take your marketing talents and use them for good. The mission of providing more nutritious food to the hungry children and seniors and families in our communities.

Who are we looking for? People who can do any one of a number of tasks: write blogs, create press releases, post in social media, design marketing collateral, promote events, act as a videographer or photographer, develop media contacts. All of these and more are areas where After the Harvest can use a little help from their friends.

What kind of a commitment are we looking for? Not much really. We are not asking for a long term assignment as part of a Marketing and Communications Committee. (Oh oh, I said the “committee” word.) We have one of those.

However, there are various times during the year when our marketing needs exceed our staff capacity. When that occurs, we need talented experienced volunteers who might be able to  donate a little of their time to a specific project.

So, if you would like to use your marketing for good, get in touch with us. We’ll talk with you, find out where your talents and interests lie, and add you to our Communications Concierge list. If you are interested, know of someone who might be, or just have some questions – please reach out to Outreach and Communications Director Sandy Vivian at 816-921-1903 or .

Oh, and you are still welcome to glean if you would like that experience as well.

(John’s love of picking vegetables shines through on a crisp, greens gleaning fall morning in the above photo.)