From the tips of our green thumbs to the bottom of our hearts…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It may be cold outside, but the summer sun is just around the corner (ok…so call us optimistic!). Sign up soon to glean in 2017.

After the Harvest needs YOU!

ATH hiring: We’re excited to announce that we’re now able to hire a Development Professional and new Administrative Manager (Mindy is leaving but will help transition this new hire). Please pass the word to those who have the qualifications and passion for what we do!

Greens&Jeans food chairperson: Looking to get involved in volunteering for ATH in a big way? We need you big time to help with our fall county fair fundraiser. Sandy would love to talk to you! Contact

Greens&Jeans sponsorship committee: Volunteer and put your sales expertise to great use to help those in need. Contact Sandy.

Reserve your 2017 gleaning date soon and then come on out to the farm!
The 2017 gleaning season will begin in late May, really kick in late June and then run through November. Advance sign-ups are usually on Tue., Thur. and Sat. mornings. Put a gleaning group together and join us as we rescue produce at the farm to feed our hungry neighbors. Look for the gleaning dates to be posted within the next couple of weeks!

Numbers become real at a recent distribution site

From ATH Gleaning Coordinator Mariah Friend: Last year, After the Harvest provided over 3.6 million pounds of fresh produce to Harvesters and other local agencies through gleaning, picking up already harvested produce and bringing in truckloads of produce that might otherwise be destined for the landfill.

If you’re like me, 3.6 million is a number that’s hard to imagine, especially in terms of food. If you’ve gleaned with us, you might know that a sack of potatoes from Joe Steineger’s farm weighs about 75 lbs. A box of apples from Cider Hill is usually about 25 lbs., and a large bag of fresh kale or mustard greens from Boys Grow is about 3-5 lbs. Read more.