We’re halfway there…two days left!

Help put fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables on the tables of hungry families this winter.

Buck$ for Trucks
Thanks so much to those who have given a whopping $8,271(!) so far in our campaign to help pay for packaging and handling of three truckloads of donated produce.

We have two days before the end of the year to reach our $15,000 goal. Remember, every dollar you give provides 8 lbs. of produce (that might otherwise end up in landfills) to those in need. Note: We are Harvesters’ largest produce donor.

If you’ve already given, thank you. If not, would you support ATH by taking five minutes and contributing to Buck$ for Trucks? Or send a check to the address below and we’ll apply it to the campaign.

Tax benefits
Make your holiday and end of the year giving count come tax time. A contribution to a qualified charity (like ATH) is deductible in the year in which it is paid. Putting the check in the mail to the charity constitutes payment. A contribution made on a credit card is deductible in the year it is charged to your credit card, even if payment to the credit card company is made in a later year.

Special meals…every meal…should include fruits & vegetables
From Lisa Ousley, After the Harvest Executive Director: One of the highlights of the holidays is the family meal–a time to be together and share delicious food and fond memories and traditions: Mom’s sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus…Read more.