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ATH makes a difference…and so does your support

After the Harvest rescues fresh fruits and vegetables to feed hungry people with the help hundreds of farmers, growers and packers who donate produce and thousands of volunteers who glean farmers’ fields.

You can help, too.

Each year, ATH has one large-scale fundraiser to support our efforts. On Sept. 15, 2018, we’re bringing Greens&Jeans to the big, beautiful Cider Hill barn and apple orchard. Lending your support to our county fair-themed fundraiser means bringing in more truckloads of produce, gleaning more farmers’ fields and feeding more families, seniors and children in this region.

Sponsorship that makes a difference

Thank you for considering positioning your company as a supporter of After the Harvest. We’d like to work with you to help target your marketing goals and budget, so please take a look at the information about our organization and the sponsorship levels we are offering for Greens&Jeans. We’re open to customizing your involvement and look forward to partnering with you in 2018.

If you’re an individual, we welcome you too! Thank you for considering supporting After the Harvest as we work to provide healthy food for hungry people.

Download our Sponsorship Package here: Greens&Jeans Sponsorship Package 2018

A little bit about After the Harvest

  • After the Harvest rescues nutritious fruits and vegetables from going to waste and donates them to agencies that serve hungry people, primarily in Greater Kansas City.
  • Our volunteers glean after the harvest, picking what’s left in farmers’ fields and picking up already harvested leftover produce.
  • The majority of the funds we raise helps secure semi-truckloads of donated produce that might otherwise end up in landfills.
  • After the Harvest, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the largest produce donor to Harvesters—The Community Food Network. Learn more at

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With the help of volunteers and generous donations, we’re able to deliver apples, pears, beans, tomatoes, kale, berries, squash, corn and more to food banks, pantries, shelters and community kitchens in Kansas and Missouri, primarily in the Greater Kansas City area.

We get healthy food to hungry people.

After the Harvest works to fight hunger, improve nutrition and reduce food waste.

Each month in Greater Kansas City, 142,000 people seek emergency food assistance. Yet, 50% of produce that could nourish our hungry neighbors ends up in landfills or simply goes to waste in farmers’ fields.

When you pair food waste of that proportion with a food insecurity problem like the one in our community, things just don’t add up. We’re here to help fix that.

By the Numbers

  • 40% of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted.
  • 52% of fresh produce never even reaches consumers.
  • In KS and MO there are 1.3 million people (500,000 children) who don’t always know where their next meal is coming from.
  • After the Harvest provides produce to over 360 agencies that serve more than 35,000 hungry people every week.  
  • In our first four years, we delivered 12.4 million lbs. of fresh produce.
  • Every $100 you give provides 3,300 servings and over 800 lbs. of nutritious fruits and vegetables to our hungry neighbors. 
  • ATH is exceptionally efficient and has very low overhead expenses. Eighty eight cents of every dollar we spend goes directly to feed hungry people.

Veggie Line Short

Greens&Jeans 2018

September 15, 2018 6-9 p.m.

Cider Hill Family Orchard
3341 N. 139th St.
Kansas City, KS 66109

April 1-June 15—(Early Bird)
Individual tickets—$50
Reserved tables—$500

June 16-Sept. 15
Individual tickets—$75
Reserved tables—$700

Contact: or 816-921-1903

For more details about Greens&Jeans, a County Fair Fundraiser for After the Harvest, visit our events page.