Hello Everyone!

We were rained out for today’s gleaning. We will try again tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, 8:00 a.m. Powell Gardens has their own volunteers to pick the lettuce, we need 2-3 volunteers to re-pack the lettuce from lugs into cardboard boxes and help transport the lettuce to pantries.

Call 816-853-4460 if you can help pack, glean, or deliver.

Strawberries: People have been asking about strawberries: here’s what’s happening. We had a few strawberries available to glean today, but got rained out. We won’t be able to get to them tomorrow. The season itself has been tough on strawberries and we don’t expect to have as many in past seasons. Not only that, they taste pretty sour if they haven’t had sunshine for a few days prior, so we need to get through this rainy week and then see….. just keep reading your e-mails.

IMPORTANT AND EXCITING NEWS: SoSA West’s doors closed on May 9th, but we re-opened on May 19th as After The Harvest. We are a hunger relief non-profit and do the same thing as before, gleaning and finding semi-truckloads of produce to feed hungry people, but with one difference: We are now locally based and will concentrate our efforts on eastern KS and MO (rather than every state west of the Mississippi River). This allows us to be much more effective in feeding people in our community.

Please spread the word: We need volunteers. Introduce us to your church, school, scouts, or other groups you may be afilliated with, and we will come speak to them.
Please LIKE us, REVIEW us, INVITE your friends, and post comments on our facebook page “After The Harvest KC” https://www.facebook.com/AftertheHarvestKC?ref=br_tf We have 205 likes, please make it 225!

Our contact info:
Karin Page, Program Director (c) 816-853-4460 (o) 816-921-1903 karin@aftertheharvestkc.org
Lisa Ousley, Executive Director (c) 816-678-6991 (o) 816-921-1903 lisa@aftertheharvestkc.org
Thank you so very, very much everyone! God bless you!