Farmers and other types of produce donors are critical to the success of our program. If you have edible produce that you cannot sell and do not wish to throw away or turn under, please contact us. Our phone number is 816-921-1903. If you would like to sign up to donate produce, you can also complete the form below and we will call you at our earliest opportunity.

We can help with gleaners if the donated produce is still in the field or orchard, or we can arrange and provide transportation if it is already picked and packed. If you’ve never donated fresh produce before, and are concerned about potential liability issues, please read here about the Good Samaritan Act that protects people who donate good food in good faith.

Every pound of produce donated to After the Harvest is tracked to provide detailed donor information for tax purposes. We understand that you’re not necessarily donating to get tax credit, but please consult your tax accountant to receive the full benefits provided by your generous gift of food.

We have set up a gleaning calendar and would like to work with you to get a general sense of when you might need gleaners. Please complete the form below and we will get you on our calendar.

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