Our number one volunteer activity is gleaning. We welcome you to join us in fields and orchards in Kansas and Missouri. If spending three hours in an apple orchard or strawberry field, picking wonderful, fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables sounds like fun to you:


If you’re a farmer who has more produce than you can sell and would rather see it go to feed hungry people than be wasted, CLICK HERE to sign up. Whether you have produce that’s already picked and packed, or still on the tree on in the field, we can help.

Pantries / Recipient Agencies

Faith congregations, civic and community organizations, foundations, corporations – all of which provide volunteers to glean fields and orchards, and funding to help us move donated food to places that feed the hungry in Missouri and Kansas. Sign up HERE.


If you want to support our efforts, please click here! Make a monetary contribution to help us provide fresh produce for families, children and seniors who are struggling to make ends meet.