Fruit and Vegetables Grocery Bag

Coronavirus heightens hardships for our poorest, most vulnerable neighbors

During this time of uncertainty, when the growing concern about the coronavirus engulfs our lives, please consider that those living in poverty in the Greater Kansas City area are now and will be disproportionately affected by this pandemic.

Those who have means can buy some protection by staying home, caring for the kids and elderly in their families, buying anti-bacterial cleaners and stocking up on food.

But for those living on the edge with not a penny to spare, this situation can spell disaster, especially so if they or someone in their family falls ill. 

“The tenuous safety net that underpins their lives becomes severely and dangerously frayed.”

Very often, the working poor don’t have jobs that can be done virtually and they may not get sick pay. And with schools closing, free meals for their children go away. The tenuous safety net that underpins their lives becomes severely and dangerously frayed.

At After the Harvest, we commit to continue assisting our hungry neighbors and supporting the growing need in our community with healthy food throughout this outbreak and beyond.

Your support is needed now more than ever. Every dollar you give will enable us to provide more nourishing fruits and vegetables for people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Especially now, before the gleaning season gets underway, it is even more crucial that we bring in additional semi-truckloads of nutritious produce that might otherwise go to waste to feed hungry children, seniors and families in our region.

Please help now if you can.

To help deliver our services, your generous donation will be combined with other funds and used wherever it is most neededgiving relief to those affected by this health crisis via truckloads as well supporting our entire mission of providing healthy food for hungry people on an ongoing basis.