We work with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food is delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in close proximity to the farm where it is gleaned.

Already Picked and Packed

We also work with excess, graded out, or rejected produce that cannot be sold for market reasons. This food may come from commercial farms, produce packing companies, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and more. We work in Missouri and Kansas, and can locate nearby food banks that will take larger quantities, and food pantries and agencies that will take smaller quantities.

Produce Bites

Info re: produce nutrition, recipes, backyard gleaners, what we’re gleaning now

Cabbage and more cabbage…from planting to harvesting

From Lisa Ousley, After the Harvest Executive Director (Part 2 of Lisa's visit to Cabbage Inc. in central Florida, the largest cabbage grower and producer east of California. The visit was arranged by Farmers' Choice, which connects commercial growers with organizations like After the Harvest to distribute produce that might otherwise go to waste to [...]

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Lisa looks under the cabbage leaf and finds…more cabbage!

From Lisa Ousley, After the Harvest Executive Director: Do you like cabbage? How about coleslaw? New England boiled dinner? Green cabbage, red cabbage and Savoy cabbage – all packed with nutrition and flavor. On Jan. 4, I was treated to a tour of Cabbage Inc., in central Florida, the largest cabbage grower and producer east [...]

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ATH brings nearly 1,000 lbs. of superfood kale to our hungry neighbors

From contributor Sara Jane Crane--Kale, one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet, has been making a big appearance in donations to our area's food kitchens and pantries. Area farmers have been very generous in providing fields of greens for gleaning this Spring. After the Harvest and its volunteers have succeeded in gleaning 583 [...]

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On the first day of spring, greens spring to mind!

From Lisa Ousley: What’s your favorite way to eat greens? I like greens so many ways! You can put them in soup; mince them up and toss them into cooked rice; stir-fry them with Asian herbs, veggies and seasonings; spin them into smoothies—just about anything goes with greens. And greens grow great in our region. [...]

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Wear a bit o’ the green, grow a bit o’ the green

From Karin Page:  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and here is my contribution to the wearin’ of the green...and the growin' of the green! If you want to transform your ground into beautiful, rich soil, read this very well-written interview with soil biologist Dr. Christine Jones from Acres U.S.A magazine. When soil is healthy and alive, your plants [...]

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