We work with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food is delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in close proximity to the farm where it is gleaned.

Already Picked and Packed

We also work with excess, graded out, or rejected produce that cannot be sold for market reasons. This food may come from commercial farms, produce packing companies, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and more. We work in Missouri and Kansas, and can locate nearby food banks that will take larger quantities, and food pantries and agencies that will take smaller quantities.

Healthy food for hungry people

Hunger relief efforts, getting more healthy food to those in need

September: a month for action on hunger…and health

From John Hornbeck September has been officially designated as national Hunger Action Month. In the same way that Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to energize more people to become involved through volunteering and donations, this month is a rallying cry to do something about hunger in this country . . . and in this region. However, [...]

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France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

Check it out.  This might spur a global movement!   Legislation barring stores from spoiling and throwing away food is aimed at tackling epidemic of waste alongside food poverty. French supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it to charities or for animal feed, under a law set [...]

What is “food insecurity”?

"Food insecurity" is the way that the USDA measures levels of access to food.  They define it as meaning “consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year". From Lisa Ousley:  It’s just human nature. We try to protect ourselves from painful experiences. I think [...]

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Graded out produce still perfectly good to nourish hungry bellies

From Lisa Ousley:  At After the Harvest, we glean--plain and simple. But maybe not so simple if you're not familiar with what gleaning means and why we do it. Gleaning is the act of gathering food left after a field, orchard or vineyard has been harvested. Take, for example, a field of sweet corn. Did you [...]

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Support eliminating sales tax on fruits, vegetables in Kansas

From Lisa Ousley:  After the Harvest is encouraging Kansans to support the efforts of KC Healthy Kids, the organization leading the charge to eliminate sales tax on fresh fruits and vegetables in Kansas in 2015. Senate Bill 263 applies to “all sales of fresh, unprepared fruits, vegetables, honey and herbs for human consumption that are [...]

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Forum focuses on more healthy food for Wyandotte Co.

From Karin Page: Sandy Vivian and I attended the Healthy Communities Wyandotte “Food Matters Forum” this week. The forum was organized by Danielle Landrum of HCW and held to answer the questions, “How can we help get more produce into the community?” and “What does the community need to use this produce?”. Thirty food pantries [...]

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Gleaning Effort Tips the Scale Today at 1400 Pounds

Today we gleaned 1400 lb apples, 500 lb tomatoes, and salvaged another 1,000 lb tomatoes that were already boxed up for us. Tonight I will lead another gleaning and get another 1400 lb apples, possibly more! Tomorrow we will start all over again gleaning apples and salvaging another 500 lb. tomatoes. Woo-hoo! If you can [...]

August 7-9: Gleaning in St. Joe, KCK

Karin reports: I have been..... gleaning! Today we picked 665 lbs. peppers, tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers and eggplant from St. Gabriel's Youth Garden. North Missouri Produce Auction donated 2,172 lb. of green beans, and Kottowitz Farm donated 2,000 lbs. of tomatoes. Tomorrow 8/7 and Saturday 8/9, we will be in St. Joseph picking blackberries and Friday, [...]

New Gleaning Organization: After The Harvest

Important message from Lisa Ousley & Karin Page re: New gleaning organization   Hello Everyone! SoSA West closed on May 9th and we re-opened May 19th as After The Harvest. We are now a LOCALLY based hunger relief non-profit, gleaning fields and orchards and finding semi-truckloads of produce to feed hungry people. Being local will [...]

Gleaning Lettuce June 11 in Kingsville, Missouri

Hello Everyone! We were rained out for today's gleaning. We will try again tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, 8:00 a.m. Powell Gardens has their own volunteers to pick the lettuce, we need 2-3 volunteers to re-pack the lettuce from lugs into cardboard boxes and help transport the lettuce to pantries. Call 816-853-4460 if you can help [...]