We work with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food is delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in close proximity to the farm where it is gleaned.

Already Picked and Packed

We also work with excess, graded out, or rejected produce that cannot be sold for market reasons. This food may come from commercial farms, produce packing companies, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and more. We work in Missouri and Kansas, and can locate nearby food banks that will take larger quantities, and food pantries and agencies that will take smaller quantities.

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Apr 252017

Fill In, Win & Dine with a $100 gift certificate!

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Happy National Volunteer Week! As we prepare for another busy gleaning season, we’d like to gather some information via a short, but sweet survey to ensure that you and others have the best volunteer experience [...]

Apr 242017

Spring brings “a shift in the air”…and VEG Squad gathering May 10

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From After the Harvest Volunteer Coordinator Mariah Friend: Spring is finally here and personally, I can’t wait to get back in the field! The fragrant lilacs are blooming and my nose is filled with the [...]

Mar 112017

A March gleaning?!? Yes, it’s true!

By | March 11th, 2017|ATH Happenings, Volunteer Gleaning Alerts|0 Comments

Sign up to glean next Thursday, then reserve your future 2017 ATH gleaning dates Thursday, Mar. 16, 9 a.m.-noon – Gleaning spinach in KCK: It's super early in the season, but there's spinach to be [...]

Mar 92017

Cabbage and more cabbage…from planting to harvesting

By | March 9th, 2017|ATH Happenings, Produce Bites|0 Comments

From Lisa Ousley, After the Harvest Executive Director (Part 2 of Lisa's visit to Cabbage Inc. in central Florida, the largest cabbage grower and producer east of California. The visit was arranged by Farmers' Choice, [...]

Mar 12017

Lisa looks under the cabbage leaf and finds…more cabbage!

By | March 1st, 2017|ATH Happenings, Produce Bites|0 Comments

From Lisa Ousley, After the Harvest Executive Director: Do you like cabbage? How about coleslaw? New England boiled dinner? Green cabbage, red cabbage and Savoy cabbage – all packed with nutrition and flavor. On Jan. [...]

Feb 142017

Heartfelt news: ATH hiring, reserve your gleaning date soon

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From the tips of our green thumbs to the bottom of our hearts... Happy Valentine's Day! It may be cold outside, but the summer sun is just around the corner ( call us optimistic!). Sign [...]