We work with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food is delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in close proximity to the farm where it is gleaned.

Already Picked and Packed

We also work with excess, graded out, or rejected produce that cannot be sold for market reasons. This food may come from commercial farms, produce packing companies, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and more. We work in Missouri and Kansas, and can locate nearby food banks that will take larger quantities, and food pantries and agencies that will take smaller quantities.

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Dec 222017

Seasons greetings and happy holidays!

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From After the Harvest Executive Director Lisa Ousley: As we look forward to the holidays and time to rest, celebrate and enjoy family and friends, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone in [...]

Dec 112017

The best of the best applauded at the After the Harvest Holiday Thank You Party

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Silver Spade Award winners announced; special thank yous presented to special volunteers!                 "Cream of the Crop" Silver Spade Award winners Lisa Tobin For months and months, she hung [...]

Nov 32017

“Gimme Ten” and together we’ll rescue healthy food for hungry people

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“Gimme Ten” for Buck$ for Trucks “Gimme Ten”! Say it loud and proud! From Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28 to Dec. 31, we’re asking you, a member of our gleaning community, to ask 10 friends (or [...]

Nov 12017

Buck$ for Trucks: Help rescue truckloads of produce & spread the word

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Do you think it’s wrong that fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables go to waste every day when our neighbors go hungry? Help After the Harvest do something about it! Join us as we try to [...]

Sep 202017

Chestnuts Saturday; Greens&Jeans photo tour

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Four reasons to glean this Saturday: 1. A beautiful drive in the country 2. A lovely chestnut orchard 3. A perfect, sunny fall day in the forecast 4. A chance to help hungry families Come [...]

Sep 192017

Greens&Jeans brings in nearly $35,000 to provide more healthy food to hungry people

By | September 19th, 2017|ATH Happenings, Fundraising Opportunities|0 Comments

Last Saturday night, we scooted our boots to the county fair fundraiser and After the Harvest supporters gave nearly $35,000 at the Greens&Jeans event to bring more healthy food to hungry people. Here's a photo [...]