We work with farmers in Missouri and Kansas to glean their fields and orchards after the harvest, to gather up produce left behind by mechanical equipment and pickers. This fresh, locally grown food is delivered to food pantries and feeding agencies in close proximity to the farm where it is gleaned.

Already Picked and Packed

We also work with excess, graded out, or rejected produce that cannot be sold for market reasons. This food may come from commercial farms, produce packing companies, grocery stores, farmers’ markets and more. We work in Missouri and Kansas, and can locate nearby food banks that will take larger quantities, and food pantries and agencies that will take smaller quantities.

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Apr 182019

ATH Outcomes Study: “Measuring our impact to make a difference”

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After the Harvest recently commissioned an outcomes study, to demonstrate accountability and transparency in accomplishing our mission: to rescue healthy food for hungry people. Food agency clientele, food agency personnel, farmers, gleaning volunteers and internal [...]

Mar 82019

Volunteer to help our hungry neighbors this gleaning season

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Mar 82019

Join the VEG Squad this gleaning season!

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Jan 22019

Thank you, thank you for all of your help in 2018!

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Dec 102018

Giving options for your consideration

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From John Shehane, ATH Senior Consultant:  While After the Harvest is dependent upon the charitable gifts of its donor-friends to be able to achieve its mission and future plans, we also want to gratefully acknowledge [...]

Dec 102018

ATH’s generous supporters recognized at Silver Spade Awards

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Take a bow! After the Harvest’s 2018 Silver Spade Awards were presented last week to volunteers and supporters who joined us in our efforts to help provide nourishing food for families, children and seniors in [...]