We need 20 people tomorrow for a blackberry gleaning – this is at the wonderful Fred Messner’s farm on I-69, just 5 minutes east of I-29. Super easy to get to and an organic farm. I know this is last minute, but he called today saying tomorrow we could have all of his 150 blackberry bushes to glean. These are growing on a trellis, so the berries all hang on one side – no reaching through scratchy bushes! Please call me if you can come. Start time is 8:00 a.m. But you can come later if that works better for you.

  • Wellsville, Kansas every Monday and Saturday 7:30 – 10:30 a.m. through Saturday, August 23rd. CORN! We are on our third 4-acre field. I could use 100 people each day and still not get it all. If you can’t pick, could you help transport?
  • Marshall, Missouri – need people to go out once a week and get whatever is available. Kale, turnips, etc. We’ve been getting 400 – 980 lbs. per visit, and they will give you produce they have picked already, too.
  • Office Helper: Want to help, but can’t work in the field? PLEASE help us in our office one day (or more, if you like!) per week.
  • Virtual Volunteer. Could you work from home? I need help rebuilding my pantry database. This would entail phone calls to pantries.
  • APPLES – Apples will be ready in the next few weeks. Please start spreading the word – I want to get ALL of them – need 100s of volunteers over the next 5 weeks just for apples in Independence, Lexington, and KCK.

Can’t do any of this? Could you forward this e-mail to people you know who might be interested in helping? churches, schools, scouts, service organizations? Thank you so very, very much!!

CALL or TEXT Karin Page at 816-853-4460 and I will send you the address and answer any questions you have. Do NOT e-mail me.




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