ATH gleaners seed St. Isidore’s Garden


Volunteer gleaners seed St. Isidore's Garden

JUNE 3, 2022

On a cloudy late May morning, St. Isidore’s Garden welcomed 14 ATH volunteers and a scout troop from Overland Park to prep garden beds for this year’s crops.

“We planted sweet potato slips and green beans, placed mulch and cages around a couple hundred tomato plants, and put down leaf mulch between rows of vegetables,” said Gleaning Coordinator Jenni Frangos. “The leaf mulch helps to control weeds as well as regulate temperature and moisture in the soil, especially in the heat of the summer.”

In addition to sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and green beans, St. Isidore’s will be growing eggplants, peppers, herbs, and blackberries, and much more.