The fruit and veg parade marches on!!

This week alone, Emily, Mariah and many, many fantastic volunteers carried out seven gleanings and eight pickups to farms, markets and distributors. A total of 13,852 pounds has been delivered this week to food banks and pantries, shelters and community kitchens.

Here’s the breakdown of what was gleaned or salvages this week: 7,000 pounds of summer squash, 2,800 pounds of tomatoes, 457 pounds of blackberries, plus corn, cucumbers, onions and cabbage.

Even with the oppressive heat, volunteers forged ahead with water bottles in hand to make this happen. Our early morning gleanings can usually beat the heat, but this week has been a challenge. A hearty THANK YOU to all who helped.

Join the parade!  Please take note of our upcoming gleaning dates and sign up on the volunteer page of the ATH website. Right now, we’re getting a little nervous about not having enough volunteers signed up for these dates: Aug. 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 30. Can you help?