ZACH CALLAWAY, Gleaning Network Manager

Working first as an After the Harvest seasonal gleaning coordinator in 2018, Zach Callaway returned as gleaning network manager in May 2019. He loves to work alongside local farmers and agencies helping to bring nutritious produce to those in need. According to Zach, it took only one gleaning to know that After the Harvest was the perfect fit for him.

After nearly seven years working in web development, Zach decided to shift towards a career path that better fulfilled his passion for helping others, building relationships and getting his hands in the dirt. He has also used his tech experience to lead a free software development class for aspiring coders from diverse backgrounds.

Outside of gleaning, Zach enjoys growing his own veggies, learning about new ideas and all things comedy. Most importantly, he loves to spend as much time as possible with his two sons, Wally and Marlon.