If you are affiliated with an organization that helps feed people in need, such as a food pantry, soup kitchen, multi-service center, low income housing, senior center, half-way house, homeless shelter, or other social service agency, we would like to know of your existence. Please fill out the information below, so that we can add you to our list of agencies that we serve. We currently have 200 agencies on our list, but we know there are many more in eastern Kansas and in Western Missouri.

Our goal is to get fresh produce to people in need. We take special care in making sure that the produce we bring is fresh. Typically it is picked early in the day and will be delivered by noon. We determine where to send the food based on where the farm is, what agencies are open the day we are gleaning, and where the volunteers are coming from. We try to stay as “green” as possible in our delivery, so we choose agencies that are located somewhere along the route back home from the farm. There are many people in need and fresh produce is hard to come by, so we try very hard to distribute the produce widely, and not give the pantries/agencies more than they can hand out in its fresh state.

Please fill out your information below and please indicate the number of people you serve daily or weekly, and what kind of refrigeration you have available.

Our largest gleanings are on Saturdays (when more volunteers are available), so if you are open on a Saturday, there will be a greater chance of getting produce. Many times we leave a majority of the crop in the field due to lack of volunteers or transportation. If you are interested in helping us glean or transport food back to your agency, please sign up to receive our gleaning notices.

  • Enter the name of your food pantry or agency.
  • Enter the email address that you want After the Harvest to reach you.
  • Enter the primary phone number for your organization.
  • Enter the location of your farm, orchard, or garden.
  • What are your pantry operating hours?

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